Wooden flooring is a hugely popular choice in many homes, commercial and public buildings in Liverpool. If maintained well, it can last many decades without needing replacement and is much easier to keep clean than alternative flooring such as carpets. One of the best ways to maintain a wooden floor is to have it polished. This is a relatively quick and cost-effective way to ensure the floor is protected, but will also transform dull looking floors to fresh and clean wooden flooring. If you’re thinking about using services for wood floor polishing in Liverpool, take a look at everything you’ll need to know.

What is wood floor polishing?

Polishing a wooden floor is often mistaken for refinishing a floor. Refinishing is the removal of previous oils and lacquers and replacing them with new coats. Where as polishing a floor simply refers to the process of adding additional, new layers or oil or lacquer. These give the almost shiny look and feel to the floor, which not only improves the floors visually, but also acts as an additional layer of protection. This is important to improve the life span of your floor, especially in spaces which have regular use.

How does wood floor polishing work? The first step of the process of wood floor polishing will be to remove all furniture from the space which requires polishing, followed by a through clean of the area to remove remaining dirt and dust. A professional will then follow the woods grain to apply the polish to the floor, working in small areas at a time for optimal results. It is important when polishing a floor to ensure the polish is applied evenly throughout the area in order to have a uniform and consistent finish to the flooring.

How often should you polish a wooden floor?

The frequency of which you may require your floor to be polished will depend greatly on the amount of footfall across the floor. In heavily used areas of the home, floors would require polishing more often. For commercial buildings such as restaurants or shops with a much heavier footfall, polishing will need to be done more frequently in order to both protect the floor and maintain the visual style you are looking for. You will be able to tell when a floor requires polishing as it will appear dull in nature and may be more susceptible to damage.

What are the benefits of floor polishing?

Floor polishing has multiple benefits. The polish will act as a protective layer to stop the floor getting damaged. Wooden floors are easily damaged by scuffs and scratches and the polish will stop the actual wood from being damaged. It also provides the room with a clean, glossy looking shine which is more visually appealing.

How much does wood floor polishing cost?

Floor polishing costs vary depending on the size of the floor which requires the service. A professional will be able to advise on the cost as well as efficient ways to undertake the floor polishing process.

Wood floor polishing in Liverpool

Whatever type of wooden floor you have, contracting services for wood floor polishing in Liverpool will leave you with a well-maintained, beautiful looking floor. Regular polishing may reduce the need for other floor restoration services and is an excellent choice for increasing the lifespan of your wooden floor.

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