Hiring a professional floor-standing company embarks your home on the line of grace and guaranteed results. When homeowners want to restore the functionality and beauty of their wood floors, sanding is the best option. Best wood floor sanding Liverpool cost can depend on the complexity of the wood you are using.

The cost of sanding floor depends on various factors and circumstances. Some would need extra care and sanding due to its complexity. On the other hand, to add the perfect aesthetics, appeal, and value to your home, perfect sanded floors are the most beneficial. The cost also depends on the experience of the professionals as they have gained skills over years of work.

Average Price of Sanding Floors Per Square Meter

Wood floors only stay smooth and sleek for a while. You have to maintain it for the best possible results. It will be torn down due to foot trafficking or woodworms. But thankfully, by using different ways, you can always get your wood floor restored. The Best wood floor sanding Liverpool cost depends heavily on the size of the floor and the damage.

If the restoration requires sanding the new floors, the average price will be between 13 to 15 pounds. At the same time, it can also be between 16 and 19 pounds per meter square for sanding and finishing off your floors. Likewise, for the sanding and oiling, it can cost more than £25. Costs also depend on the type of area you are getting sanded. For instance, different price tags will be given for sanding the areas near stairs or staircases.

Cost Differences Due to Different Tasks

Hiring professionals for sanding and finishing your wood floors can be expensive because of Labor costs. However, this money is worthwhile spending because you will get the perfect expertise in precision and experience. The Best wood floor sanding liverpool results are always guaranteed when you hire professionals for sanding the floors. Overall, different prices are also available to smooth other areas with variations of techniques.

  • Stain removal

You can get the best wood floor sanding Liverpool cost for the stain removal process. This is because the floorboard can be sanded and polished. Therefore, stain removal costs are less expensive because of the small area needed to be sanded.  This process may require you to pay 25 pounds per meter square as the labor cost is always between 25 and 35 pounds.

  • Staircase sanding

For the staircase sanding, the cost is measured per step. Instead of per square meter, stair sanding costs per step. For the lowest price, it can be between 35 pounds.  On the other hand, the highest price that you will get for a stairs sanding can be above 50 pounds. On average, the cost in the UK to get your stairs sanded perfectly is about 42 pounds.

  • Carpet removal

As you know, the shine and sleekness of your wood floor may not remain forever. Therefore, if you use a carpet, it must be removed before the restoration. If you ask a professional company to remove the carpet and then sand your floors, the best wood floor sanding Liverpool cost can be around £100 per room. Overall, the average cost people pay in the UK is about 125 pounds to remove the carpet and finish their floors.

  • Repairing damaged floorboards

For the Best wood floor sanding Liverpool cost, you always have to look into the prices of the supplies. Repairing the damaged floorboards costs less because sanding the whole floorboards requires much less time. It can cost around £25 to 30 pounds per hour.

Price of supplies

The supply costs for an electric Sander can be 160 pounds.  The Best wood floor sanding Liverpool cost for an electric floor Sander can go up to 1000 pounds per square meter. It also depends on the quality of the material and sandpaper the company uses.

Cost Effective in Hiring than Doing Yourself

Some people try to sand the floors by themselves to be cost-effective. Where it is, they end up sanding too much of the floor because they are not professionals. You may destroy the whole floorboard or some parts of the wood.  The Best wood floor sanding Liverpool costs is in choosing the professionals for the sanding process because they have years of experience. This will ensure cost effectiveness because the results will be there, and you know it will stay there for the most extended period.

Bottom Line

The costs are average for the sanding process because, with professionalism, you will get experience and results. The highest rate that can go above is 1000 pounds. Whereas the sanding process is about 130 pounds to £150 per 10-meter square.