Parquet flooring dates back as far as 16th century, and has become a popular wooden floor choice again today, with many people opting for this style throughout their homes. Creating a stylish look to kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces throughout the house, plus often used in schools and many other buildings, it is a beautiful option for any type of building. Due to the wooden material, both historic and more modern parquet floors need repairs across Liverpool. Luckily, any wooden floor can be bought back to life with professional, highly skilled services.

Parquet flooring was a popular choice in many homes across Liverpool and has a resurgence in popularity in recent years. From residential to commercial and public buildings across the city, the herringbone style of wooden flooring exists. In recent years, many people have opted for parquet repairs in Liverpool to take advantage of the beautiful style, hidden under the floors of many homes. A cost-effective way to transform your homes, here’s what you need to know before choosing to repair your flooring.

What does parquet repairs include?

Over the years, many parquet floors were covered with carpet, vinyl or other flooring materials which may have damaged its original quality. Homeowners often find when replacing flooring that a beautiful parquet floor lies beneath an old carpet. Parquet repairs can vary in nature from a simple sanding or polishing to a total floor restructure. Some parquet floors may have lost its original colour or you may prefer to alter the colour to suit the style of your home or building. This is all entirely possible with a parquet floor repair, and a trained professional will be able to ask questions to find out what you want to achieve with your repair work, to ensure the best outcome for you and your home or building.

Other types of parquet repair may include removal of scuffs, scratches or dents. If you have a floor which has suffered from wear and tear, and think it may be beyond repair, it is always recommended to speak to an expert to determine whether an entirely new floor is required, or whether it can be restored to its former quality. Water damage is the trickiest type of repair, and is not always possible to rectify, however depending on the scale of the damage, it may be possible to remove areas of flooring and replace them, and restore the entire floor in order to help the new flooring blend for a uniform and consistent look and feel.

One of the best benefits of parquet floor repairs, is the ability to change the finish. Through a thorough sanding process, professionals can strip away any old finish, restoring the floor to its original wood, and apply a new finish which suits the style of your home or building. So if you’re looking to alter the wood flooring you currently have, parquet floor repairs can transform the flooring to create a beautiful end result. Repairing parquet flooring is also a cost-effective way to get a stylish finish to your home without having to replace it in its entirety.

The jagged, herringbone design means parquet floor repairs need a slightly different approach to other types of wood repairs, and a highly trained professional will be able to recommend the best

way to not only repair your floor to a high standard but increase its lifespan to keep it looking in excellent condition for years to come.

How much do parquet repairs cost in Liverpool?

The cost of parquet repairs naturally varies depending on the scale of the job and the area of floor required for repairs. For a simple sanding or varnishing service this can prove a cost-efficient way to change the look of your house. For total restoration or parquet flooring, this may cost more, but is often cheaper than buying a new parquet floor and having it installed.

Looking for parquet repairs?

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