Flooring with wood is not your typical DIY project. You don’t have to do it regularly. You may not have your floor sander, but that’s a good thing.

Since you rarely need these particular tools, picking one up will always be the best option, but which floor sander is right for your home or business?

If you need to do this project and your wood floor is too good, we will look at your options. We will give you some simple tips and tricks to make the whole thing run smoothly.

Sander’s choice

The first thing to mention is that the best floor sander hire Liverpool you choose will depend on a number of your specifics. The size of your floor will be important, but also its current condition.

If it’s newly installed, it shouldn’t need much work. However, if there’s a large deformation, you’ll need something a little more severe in terms of sanding.

A sander for the main floor comes in three main types; Drum sanders, belt sanders, and edge floor sanders (sometimes just called floor sanders).

Drum sander 

A drum sander is probably the best floor sander hire Liverpool you need if you need some heavy sanding on the floor or to cover a large area. It is the largest and most aggressive of the three, so you will need a steady hand when using it.

By ‘aggressive’, we mean that it is harder than other sanders and eliminates cuts, lines, and scratches. When using a drum sander, you have to be careful not to go too far into an area because if you are inexperienced in use, you can cause serious damage to your floor so be careful.

Belt Sander

A belt sander is another good option if you are trying to remove existing paint, stain, or varnish from a large area of ​​flooring. As the name suggests, the sander is made by moving a continuous rotating sand belt.

If you can, get the best floor sander hire Liverpool with a dust collector attached to get as much dust out of the air as possible. He’s still quite the aggressive sander, but not as hard as the drums.

They can come in two different sizes depending on the size of the floor, so choose wisely. The larger the sander, the harder it will be to control.

Floor Edge Sander

The last option is a bottom floor sander hire Liverpool. Most other sanders will be circular, which means they can miss the ‘corners of the circle, especially around the outside edge of the floor.

The best advice we can give with this sander is that when you first turn it on, you should lean it back on an angle to prevent it from scratching the first time it makes contact with the floor.

5 Reasons to Best Floor Sander Hire Liverpool

There are a few main reasons why you should rent a floor sander instead of buying one.

Cost Effective

When you lease a floor sander, you won’t have to worry about the value of buying or maintaining the system.

This may be a good sized financial savings, specifically if you’re no longer planning on the use of it frequently, which is frequently the case as most people best refinish their floors every few years.

Save Space

Floor sanders may be difficult to keep, as they’re massive machines that take giant space. Unless you have a big shed or storage, it’s possible that you won’t be able to preserve the gadget in your house.


When you hire a ground sander, you’ve got the choice to choose from a selection of various styles of machines.

You can also choose the quantity of time you want to lease the gadget for, that’s great if you’re no longer sure how lengthy the task will take.

Advanced finish

When you go through the process of best floor sander hire Liverpool, they can advise you on the best machine and sandpaper to use for your floor, as well as tips on how to get the perfect result.

There Is No Repair

If you have a floor covering, it is your responsibility to keep it in good working order. This means checking regularly for damage and ensuring that it is properly protected to last for years. In this case seek the service of best floor sander hire Liverpool for avoid from repairs.

Bottom Line

Overall, Best Floor Sander Hire Liverpool is a great decision for homeowners and businesses that want to save time and money and end up with a beautiful newly sanded floor.

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