School floors are subject to heavy use with so many students using them every day. That means that over time the quality of your floor reduces, and you may start to notice signs of wear and tear like scratches and scuffs. The good news is all is not lost. That’s one of the best things about wood flooring. Even when they become damaged, specialist school flooring contractors Liverpool will often be able to repair it or restore the floor, so it looks as good as new. If you’re wondering how professionals will be able to help improve the quality of your school floors, take a look at our guide.

What types of damage can be repaired?

Wooden floors are strong, hardy materials that with adequate protection such as lacquers, polish and wax, can last a long time. However, even with the best protection, your floors may sometimes show signs of wear and tear. But all is not lost.


Like most materials, wood floors are susceptible to stains. Liquids such as wine, tea, coffee and even water can wreak havoc with your flooring. Luckily, if your floor does become stained, it’s not a case of having to replace the floor altogether, as experts will more than likely be able to remove the stain. Through sanding the floor, it’s likely that the stain will be able to be removed entirely, so you won’t be able to tell it was there in the first place and will be left with a beautiful, good as new floor.

Water damage

Unfortunately, water is one of the worst offenders when it comes to damage and wooden floors. One common misconception about water damage is that it takes a lot of water to do any significant harm to a wooden floor, but this isn’t the case. Steam cleaners can cause damage to wooden floors as the warm moisture can stay in the wood causing it to expand, warp and balloon. It’s always recommended that you use a damp mop to clean wooden floors, as this is the safest way to avoid any type of water damage through cleaning. If the water damage is quite minimal and at surface level, a contractor will be able to sand the floor to remove the signs of imperfection.

More excessive water damage from leaks or flooding will need assessing by a professional who will be able to advise if the school floor is beyond repair.

Scratches and scuffs

With so many feet travelling across the floor, it’s likely that your school floor may become scratched or end up with scuffs at some stage. Much like the other forms of damage, these can be repaired through floor sanding. It works by gently removing the top layer of the floor, where the scratches and scuffs sit, and leaves you with a perfect, even looking floor.

Dirt and grime

Even with thorough cleaning processes, over time wood floors can be subject to excess dirt and grime. Because of the nature of wooden floors, the dirt can sit in the crevices and gaps, which makes it a nightmare to clean. This dirt then sticks to the surface of the floor and can even change the overall appearance and colour. Luckily, professional cleaning, sanding and finishing can all help to not only remove signs of dirt and grime, but keep it looking great for longer.

Refinishing school floors

One sure fire way to improve your school’s floor is to refinish it. This simply means applying another coat of finish (oil, lacquer, or wax) to your floor. It offers unbeatable protection against all of the above types of damage, to help make sure your wood floor stays in good condition for longer. Finishing a wood floor is particularly important in spaces, such as schools, where the floor is used regularly. You can speak to a flooring contractor for advice on the best heavy duty finishes to offer extra protection for your school.

Even polishing your wood floor will help to improve its appearance and will leave your floor looking almost brand new.

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