Parquet flooring is one of the most popular choices when it comes to wood flooring today. Homes and commercial buildings alike opt to style their floors with this pattern. Hardwood parquet flooring has so many benefits. It’s easy to clean, a strong material, looks fantastic and can last for many years if looked after properly. There are a number of different ways you can look after a parquet floor. A good quality finish such as oil or lacquers is a good place to start, but one quick and easy way to improve the visual appeal of your floor (and keep it looking great for longer) is to apply a coat of polish. If you’re wondering how parquet polishing Liverpool can help your wooden floor, then make sure to read our guide.

What is polishing a wood floor?

Polishing a wood floor is exactly what it sounds like. It’s all about adding a layer of polish to the floor. It really is as simple as that. There’s no need for any tiresome preparation work, like sanding, you can apply a polish direct to the wooden floor. It’s always best to seek the services of a wood flooring expert as applying an even layer of polish across the wood flooring can be a difficult task. The last thing you want is to finish the job and realise there are patches across the floor where the polish has been applied in different quantities.

What are the benefits of polishing?

The main benefit to wood floor polishing is the increased protection you’ll be giving your floor. This is particularly important in commercial spaces, like restaurants, bars, hotels, and offices where there are a lot of people who use the space and therefore a high level of foot traffic. However, even residential properties can benefit from adding an extra layer of protection. Especially if you’re looking to get many years of use out of the flooring.

So, what kind of damage will polish protect against?



It will come as no surprise that liquids like coffee, wine and even water can stain wooden floors if not cleaned up quickly. Even stubborn liquids like red wine can stain the floor within seconds of coming into contact with it. Having an extra barrier between the floor and the liquid, like a polish, will mean the liquid has to fully penetrate that barrier before it can stain the floor. This can make all the difference, as stubborn stains which can’t be removed with a thorough clean will need to be removed through more expensive services like floor sanding or restoration.

Water damage

Water and wood famously do not mix well. And even the smallest amount of water can leave your wood floor looking damaged. Many people do not realise that hardwood floors and steam cleaners are not a good mix. The steam can actually warp of balloon your wood floor and create an unappealing finish to the floor. Not only that, but a little excess water from mopping or cleaning the floor can do more damage than you might think. Making sure you have a well-polished floor will go a long way in protecting against water damage, as again, the water will have to penetrate the polish before it can damage the wood.


One of the most common forms of damage to wooden floors is scratches. These can be so easy to create but not so easy to remove. Even moving furniture, chairs or small stones can create small scratches. A quality, durable polish will be able to help you avoid these unsightly additions to your wooden floor and keep it looking great, for longer.

Dirt and grime

Over time, even if you clean your wooden floor, dirt and grime can collect. The small grooves between panels or grains of wood are the perfect places for dirt to stick and it can be difficult to remove. After a while, the dirt may be virtually impossible to remove without sanding the floor. With parquet flooring this is even mor the case, as the smaller nature of the boards means there’s even more gaps for dirt to accumulate. This Polishing the floor will help to avoid dirt from collecting in these small spaces. It will also make cleaning the floor quicker and easier too, meaning your floor will look in top quality condition, for longer.

Parquet polishing Liverpool

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