Owing to their hard wearing, easy to clean nature, wooden floors are extremely popular in commercial buildings. From offices to retail units or restaurants and bars, hard wood floors are the perfect option for businesses. These floors are long lasting but do require maintenance to keep them looking fresh, and to remove any signs of wear and tear. Commercial wood floor sanding is best undertaken by highly skilled professionals who can assess the project and advise on the best way to achieve the results you desire. So if you’re looking for wood floor sanding for a commercial building in Liverpool, here’s what you should know.

Commercial wood floor sanding in Liverpool

Many commercial buildings in Liverpool benefit from wooden floors. A more attractive solution than other hard flooring, wood is easy to clean, which may be highly advantageous to businesses with many staff or customers walking through the building on a daily basis. But the level of footfall in commercial buildings, especially in bars, restaurants, or cafes and shops, means the floor is subject to a lot of wear and tear and may require restoration. Whatever type of commercial building, wood floor sanding is a sure way to improve the visual look and feel of the room.

Can all types of wooden floors be sanded?

Commercial buildings throughout Liverpool have many types of wooden flooring. From parquet flooring, a highly popular floor type today, to solid wood flooring or engineered wooden floor, it is entirely possible to sand and restore any floor to a high quality. It is also possible to repair minor damage of wooden floors through the sanding process, such as scratched and scuffs, so even slightly damaged flooring can benefit from the sanding process. It is recommended to speak to an expert who can determine whether the results you are looking to achieve will be possible through the sanding process.

How does the wooden floor sanding process work?

Sanding works by using professional, commercial-grade equipment to gently sand the floor to finely remove layers of the wood. A professional will use various methods of sanding to ensure the texture of the floor remains even, removes any imperfections, and is fully prepared for any additional work such as adding oils or lacquers.

The best tools to use would be dust free sanding equipment. This removes all dust and particles from the wood to avoid any contamination of the floor, which avoids dissatisfactory results or damage to the wood down the line. The dust free equipment will leave the room as clean as possible, so minimal impact is had upon your staff or customers and the amount of time the space is out of use is reduced. For commercial buildings, rooms being out of action for large periods of time is troublesome, and a professional will be able to recommend the best course of action to ensure the impact of your business is minimal. Commercial floor sanding in Liverpool is the best solution for giving your floors a new lease of life without spending huge amounts of budget. It will leave the floor looking as good as new, clean and fresh and will transform the way the room looks.

How much does commercial floor sanding cost in Liverpool?

The cost of any project naturally varies depending on the size of the floor which requires sanding as well as various other factors. Professionals will be able to assess the job and give a recommendation for services and an idea of the cost and ways to keep the cost within budget.

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