As wood is one of the safest and naturally hygienic materials, it is a popular choice in many buildings including schools and universities across the country. However, in schools, wooden floors are usually found in areas of heavy traffic, and with so much footfall every year, maintenance may be required. Maintaining the wooden floor is a much preferable option to replacement and skilled professionals will be able to help you achieve the desired results. From parquet flooring to solid beach or oak flooring, all wood-based school floors can be beautifully restored through professional school floor sanding. Here’s what to expect from school floor sanding.

School Floor Sanding in Liverpool

Many historic and modern buildings throughout Liverpool have hardwood or parquet flooring and it is even more popular in the schools and universities throughout the city due to the historical (and modern) popularity of the material. School floor sanding in Liverpool is a popular choice to retain the original flooring but also give it a new lease of life. Most of the historic buildings had floors installed with old materials and products, which may mean they need to be restored or repaired in order to upkeep them. No matter the age of the original floor, sanding is always a good option to make them safe to use, and visually pleasing.

How does school floor sanding work?

The best solution for sanding school floors is to use dust free sanding equipment. Through an advanced extraction system that draws away dust and particles, it leaves the area virtually as it was before the sanding process took place. This ensures the area is hygienic and clean to use promptly after sanding services are carried out, minimising the amount of time the area is out of use. The extraction of particles also ensures that the wood doesn’t become contaminated and require further treatment, or an unsatisfactory result.

There are various products available to use for school floor sanding, but for high traffic areas such as sports halls, gyms and corridors, it is recommended that quality products are used to make sure of a long-lasting result that you’ll be happy with, and won’t need to be serviced again in a short period of time.

A highly trained and knowledgeable professional will use commercial-grade sanding equipment to restore the surface to its former quality. This may also include other fixed furniture in the room, to keep a consistent look to any wood surfaces. A professional will also be able to use an edging sander to get into hard to reach places, ensuring the total floor space benefits from sanding.

What are the benefits of school floor sanding?

School halls and gyms are some of the most frequently used areas of the building and the quality can wear away over time. Sanding school floors allows them to be restored to their beautiful quality. This is far less costly than replacing the floor in its entirety. Many schools also benefit from beautiful wooden floors, often installed decades ago, and sanding allows you to maintain the history of the building too.

Over time your floor may have been slightly damaged from scuffs to scratches and more. Sanding the wooden floor will also help to remove signs of damage and leave your floor looking brand new.

Many schools choose to undertake construction and repair work during the school holidays to avoid disruption to the everyday operations of the building. It is entirely possible to transform even a large wooden floor within this timescale. For school floor sanding services in Liverpool, our highly skilled professionals will be able to advise on the best way to undertake any job to deliver quality results.

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