Up and down the country, wood flooring has become a popular choice. One of the biggest benefits of choosing a wooden floor is that with a little TLC it can last decades. Making sure your floor is maintained well is crucial if you’re looking to increase its lifespan. And floor sanding is just one of the many ways that you can maintain your wooden floor. So, whether it’s parquet or straight boards, oak, or pine, find out how wood floor sanding Liverpool can help keep your wooden floor in tip top condition, for longer.

Why choose floor sanding? 

Floor sanding has many benefits. One of the biggest is almost certainly that it can help to remove signs of damage from your floor. Tired of looking at scratches or scuff marks on your floor? You needn’t worry as with a little help from an expert in floor sanding, you can say goodbye to those signs of damage. Whether it’s small scratches or more substantial forms of damage, you’ll be able to reduce the visibility or remove these entirely through floor sanding services.

Even stubborn types of damage like stains or signs of water damage can be minimised through floor sanding. It’s well known that red wine, coffee, and many other types of liquids don’t mix well with wood flooring. If you do notice that your floor has become damaged or stained, then get in touch with a floor sanding expert to see if this can be resolved.

What’s more, you may think that water damage to you floor is beyond repair. Before you start to think about replacing your wood flooring, it’s always recommended that you speak to a floor sanding professional to see if the damage can be repaired through sanding. And water damage doesn’t just have to be from leaks or other large amounts of liquid. Even everyday cleaning processes like steam cleaners or mops can cause damage to wood flooring. Signs of water damage include warping or ballooning of the floor. Sanding can be helpful in flattening out those areas of the floor to reduce or remove the damage and leave your floor looking brand new.

Floor sanding is also used when refinishing many types of wooden floors. The shiny, glossy finishes which you see on most wooden floors do need a little maintenance from time to time, too. Every so often it’s important to remove the finish from your wood flooring so that it can be reapplied and continue protecting your floor for longer. To remove these types of finishes from your floor, you’ll need to hire the services of a floor sanding professional.

When is floor sanding not an option?

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where your floor may be damaged beyond repair and even the most experienced floor sanding experts won’t be ale to salvage your wood floor. Extensive water damage and rotten boards are just a few examples when floor sanding alone may not be able to restore your floor. It’s always best to speak to a professional to see if wood floor restoration or other types of wood floor services will be able to help restore your floor to its former glory.

How does floor sanding work? 

The process of floor sanding involves a professional using commercial grade equipment which gently rotates and remotes the top layer of the wood. An expert will repeat the process various times at different pressures to first prepare the floor and then to ensure that it is level throughout. For large areas this can be particularly difficult and best left to a professional in order to avoid your floor from being uneven after work had been completed.

How much does floor sanding cost?

The cost of floor sanding in Liverpool depends entirely on the size of the job which needs to be undertaken. Larger areas of floor will cost more than smaller areas and so it’s best to speak to a professional to get a personalised quote and understand how you can keep the project in budget.

Wood floor sanding Liverpool 

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